victor paul

General Info

  • ExperienceXX+
  • Date of BirthFall 1987
  • AddressUkraine
  • E-mailgmail
  • PhoneClearly White
  • LinkedIn

Experience so far

    First of all I'm java/scala backend guy. But I'm good in many other things, when I need them. In free time, I have some fun with UE4(blueprints,c++).

    This is one of my home projects Chalk Watches (200k+ downloads).

    I'm kinda "hacker/geek", I use wide range of technologies to solve very different tasks (js,android,scala,bash,devops).

    And I love TDD, it helps me to make my code stable, scalable and bulletproof. When I need to do something with technology I'm not experienced enough, tdd is super helpful

    It just happens that different tasks requires different approaches, technologies. I'm NOT the one who is going to solve every problem with "best tool". I care about future, maintaining and scaling of the product. That means, I'll better spend some time to pick up right tool.

    Nothing and no one is perfect, but we always have to keep trying, to become better.

  • 2021-now

    Self employed

    Senior Software Engineer

  • 2021-2021


    Senior Software Engineer

  • 2018-now

    Mark and Sophy were born


  • 2013-2020


    java/scala developer

  • 2012-2013

    friend2friend (Spain)

    java developer

  • 2009-2012


    php developer

    My very first experience with PHP, html, css, mySql, javascript, APIs, payment systems, etc

  • 2006-2009

    National University

    Got another diploma. Have been playing Diablo2 and StarCraft a lot, got beard

  • 2002-2006


    Got first diploma

  • 1999-2002


    Still kid but also advanced PC user

    I had old PC, 40mhz CPU, 4mb of ram, so I learn DOS and batch scripts to be able to run some games and support system

  • 1996-1999


    Lego developer

    Btw, even now love to play with all kind of constructors.

  • 1996



    Wanted to code video games

  • 1987

    Far far away from home among bears in Moscow


    It's friday, it's cold, yearly in the morning. Little kosh was born.


A bit of motivation

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